Reasons Why You Need To Ditch The Gym For The Yard

Many people sneer at the idea of doing yard work for exercise. They think about all the dirt and cold and compare it to the sleek look of a fitness center and see the prospect of having to sweat out in the open as just outrageous. Others have fully embraced this idea and now think that gyms are overrated. Sure, we all like the digital and clean look of a gym. We love the environment and the camaraderie. Access to trainers makes it even more appealing. However, these things hold true for those that have never known the sheer satisfaction that comes from being alone in the yard, putting in a mean shift by themselves.

Here, we look at the benefits of doing yard work for exercise.

1. It Keeps You Young

Think about it. You are out there, lifting and shoving for 3, three hours a day. During all the movements involved, your body starts to develop a pattern that follows for long periods of your life. As you become more accustomed to hard work, your body builds up a strong core that passes the test of time. The tan you get out in the yard is just a bonus in this case.

2. It Enhances Flexibility

Yard work does not come with a manual; you just do what you have to do. While carrying out the tasks involved, your body moves in all sorts of angles and directions. You do not have to follow a pattern that focuses on one area of the body. As a result, rigid joints and muscles become stretched out, making you very agile even if you have no prior history and fitness. It is, however, important to ensure that you do not strain some areas like the back or knees. Just keep it balanced all through.

3. It Is A Great Form Of Cardiovascular Exercise

At times, our blood flow is a little bit inconsistent. The reason is usually that we are only not moving around enough for our hearts to reboot. The core determines the efficiency the movement of blood through veins and arteries. When you carry out manual chores, your heart gets pumping freely. In turn, this process opens up constrictions in the cardiovascular system, aiding the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body. People who perform manual tasks are good at beating off the advances of heart diseases.

4. It Lowers Stress And Depression

The hustle and bustle of life have every single one of us weighed down. You are always worrying about mortgages, insurance, and education. Being out there with nature seems to kick out all those anxious fears, a process that activates ‘good’ hormones, leaving you cheerful and upbeat.

Again, being outside and getting active is medication in itself, you have the benefit of exposure to the rays of the sun, a source of vitamin D. According to science, this vitamin is one of the most effective triggers of anti-depression hormones. All you have to do is avoid overexposure to the rays of the sun. A good idea would be to take some sunscreen with you.

5. Yard Work Gives You A Chance Actually To Do Something By Way Of Self-Teaching

Doing yard work for exercise goes way beyond just helping you stay fit; it also presents you with an opportunity to learn new things. You could follow a guidebook to get started. You could also check out the numerous resources on yard work available online. Even more attractive, you could just teach yourself to become handy by going outdoors and finding something to do, just to keep active. Nothing beats the joy of discovery that we all experience upon realizing that we have made headways in a field we have no prior understanding of. If you do not know where to start, start from the beginning. How? By mowing the lawn, pulling out weeds, watering plants and getting your hands dirty!

6. It Is A Great Form Of Therapy

Most of the time, you will be out there on your own. The silence and the oneness with nature are always very therapeutic. Throw in the pride of accomplishment and you are where you need to be mentally and emotionally.

If you are interested in doing yard work for exercise, you need to make a slow start. Allow yourself to grow into the larger tasks and take it easy on your body all the time; sprained ankles or back won’t help your yard!


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