Five Local Search Trends Online Marketing Agencies Can Expect this 2016

What are the location marketing strategies that businesses should think about in 2016? With at least 50% of the computing activities done on mobiles and portable devices these days, it will not be long, before location, marketing is on the brink of exploding into something entirely new and exciting. Soon location marketing will become the base foundation of any digital marketing services. Along with the strengths of mobile and the immense value of location data, location marketing will soon boom into something much bigger.

Five Key local search trends

Importance of location data: For some time now, a conventional full service digital marketing services providers has typically guarded their reserve of location data as a highly valuable asset. The logic behind it was that they thought it was an advantage over other companies, which would ultimately protect their brand. However, nowadays these companies are realizing that by collaborating up with brands such as Localeze and Apple, they can use the location data to profit in the digital world, where customers, shop, live and search. Hence, they have begun to make the data more accessible by publishing the data through positive relationships with aggregators. According to survey, those companies, which improved their reach and accuracy of location data by only 20 % saw a 450 %, increase in traffic.

Investment in local search by Google

Google is expected to add many local searches into their Search Quality Ratings guidelines. Why not hire the best Pasadena Digital Marketing Expert? Digital marketing services for hotels and companies are getting lots of attention in the Google Headquarters.

Popularity of Beacons

Beacons were favorites in the year 2015. Big brand like Target, announced that they would implement the designs to share more informative and meaningful content with their shoppers via mobile devices.

A survey predicted that beacons would influence 4 billion dollars in the in stores sales segment only in the United States, and this number would increase to 40 billion dollars in the year 2016. However, those who adopted this early are realizing that the beacons are expensive to maintain and have many drawbacks. It is predicted, that in 2016, brands will opt for a more measured approach towards the adoption of beacons as they will spend resources in discoveScreen Shot 2016-02-22 at 12.46.26 PMring the other options. In 2016 brands will try the Indoor Atlas Indoor positioning system in addition to beacons, which heavily relies on the magnetic signature of a particular building to help the shoppers to locate products as well as other people inside of the building. Beacons are here to stay, however business will start targeting the use of beacons more carefully in order to offer selective content to shoppers inside the store.

Power of mobile wallets: Just as brands are becoming more conscious of beacons, they are waking up to the potentials of mobile wallets with the aim to create customers at the local level. According to a study, at least half of the consumers would appreciate receiving mobile wallet content on a week-to-week basis. Another survey stated that an at least 70 % of the consumers would save a particular offer to their mobile wallet when given the chance. With the widespread acceptance of mobile wallet feature, many companies have set up specially to create compelling mobile wallet offers to increase sales. Studies have shown that 80% of “near me “ searches take place on the mobile devices , hence companies are capitalizing on this statistic to create more creative contextual content that can convert searches to shoppers . However, what will really help mobile wallet marketing system in 2016 are the options of innovative diverse applications including, coupons, and loyalty programs.

Using apps to flex the location marketing muscle : Nowadays business and retail chains are discovering that apps such as Snapchat and periscope are able to support national response and advertising at a completely national level .Recently the retail giant Dunkin �� Donuts introduced a Snapchat story to celebrate the National coffee day . Taco bell used the app Periscope to promote a biscuit giveaway at taco bell. National enterprises use these apps to target a particular segment or group of audience with the help of local marketing.


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